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Benifits Of Inspirational Journey

Some people have asked us why we want them to join in our pilgrimage. We will try to highlight the most important reasons in this email. People, who travel on pilgrimages, are happier, more peaceful, and indeed wise dealing better with life situations. With all the modern day distractions a lot of us forget that solutions to the gravest problems and deepest pains are found in the simplest, quietest locations. If those locations remind you of our Lord Jesus Christ, a surrounding can help one become more seeking, prayerful, and accessible and open to the voice of God. People that go on pilgrimages have more faith. By having more faith and peace in your heart, a closer walk with God, the King of Kings and Lords of Lords is guaranteed. Assuredly having Jesus in your life is like "being thrown into the ocean with a life-vest". Praise God! In our pilgrimages we seek truth, love, answers, and guidance in any of these areas (in A B C order):

  • Accountability - Spiritual brothers and sisters remind you of God's promises.
  • Acknowledge - acknowledge and give our faults and failures to God.
  • Addiction - The Pilgrims Road to Recovery with Prayers for healing from Addiction or Emotional Instability.
  • Always - As a Pilgrim on a Pilgrimage as well as in life know that God is always with you.
  • Amends - Pray to Make amends, put pride on side admit wrongdoing.
  • Beauty of God in Nature - Enjoy the view: appreciate God through beauty in nature ... look at the hills, mountains, stars, moon and sea.
  • Challenges - Make a prayer and decision to turn over your most difficult challenge in the area of unconditional love to God. Ask God for divine guidance.
  • Children - Guiding them to adulthood with God.
  • Communication - Opening our hearths with a greater presence to God and other pilgrims.
  • Confession - No matter how bad it is - Give it to loving God and start over.
  • Praying for Courage - Asking God for strength and courage. If you do, he will give it to you.